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Achieving Consensus

Consensus is a cooperative process in which all group members develop and agree to support a decision in the best interest of the whole.  In consensus, the input of every participant is carefully considered and there is a good faith effort to address all legitimate concerns. (Source: Dressler, 2006)

Choose consensus when…

  • Multiple stakeholders and perspectives for a complex issue;
  • People are willing to participate;
  • The group has authority to make decisions and will be affected by them;
  • There is a need for creative solutions; and
  • Everyone involved is required to be committed to the decision or plan.

Consensus as a process is a journey of preparing participants to make a decision. Discussion is needed to identify issues, clarify questions, establish decision-making criteria and address all concerns.  The goal is to create understanding of the issues and then share the perspectives of all involved.

A consensus decision doesn’t mean that everyone agrees with everything.  Ideally, a consensus decision reflects mutual understanding, agreement to support a decision, and commitment to take action steps for the benefit of the group.

Eskil’s trained facilitators plan the process and lead conversations to get to a decision.

Benefits of consensus decision-making

  • Inclusive participation to engage and empower the group;
  • Calls for a commitment to work together and increase cooperation;
  • Develops a shared understanding through discussion;
  • Dismantles hierarchy in a group;
  • Leads to better-informed decisions that are more representative of the wider community;
  • Encourages a sense of ownership; and
  • Creates a sense of group responsibility for the implementation.

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Feel free to contact us to discuss how our experienced facilitators can support you as you achieve consensus in your boardroom, leadership team and across the wider organization.