About Eskil: Eskil is an international boardroom development company, working with boards, directors, leadership teams and management teams

Eskil® is a boardroom development company, headquartered in the UK with a global client portfolio.

With a strong foundation in applied business psychology and facilitation, Eskil supports the ongoing development of the capability of board members in shaping the success of the organisation. From the position at the top of the organisational hierarchy, Directors and boards determine culture, business ethics (and subsequent work ethics), stakeholder engagement, market share, innovation, and much more – all within an empowering and fit-for-purpose corporate governance.

Eskil took on its current form in 2016 when the UK business services company Spark Global Business merged with the Middle Eastern business services company Spark Najah.  Launched in 2001, Spark Global Business began life as a business growth advisory firm in the UK.  Over time, the business explored the discipline of intrapreneurship and saw the correlation with leadership, boardroom capability and team collaboration.

Spark Najah launched in 2011 with a focus on learning & development in the Middle East.  After successfully completing a number of joint projects, the directors of each company began to explore the possibility of merging.

A key factor in the formation of the new entity was the alignment of vision and values.

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Eskil now works with a variety of organizations around the world on a number of issues that all link back to the boardroom.  Whereas a large number of boardroom development companies will focus on governance, Eskil emphasizes the need for the future boardroom based on the question of ‘disrupt or be disrupted’.

  • Governance
  • Compliance
  • Ethics
  • Strategy
  • Leadership capability
  • Boardroom dynamics
  • Wider organization transformation / development

Eskil engages with an international network of facilitators experienced in such industries as Banking, Financial Services, Insurance (BFSI); Business & Professional Services; Education; Government; Healthcare; Manufacturing; and Pharmaceuticals.

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Tel.: +44.1926.497.211
Email: enquiry@eskil.co
Website: eskil.co